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King’s Royale Promenade, San Fernando Pampanga Wedding / Jerry and Pat

: King’s Royale
: St. Jude Parish, Pampanga
: Promenade

: Bridal and Entourage Bouquet, Event Styling by Alain Roman
: Photography by R.A.W. with RV and Tim of Seekers

I’ll make this post short and sweet. Most of the moments that transpired during this day are the precious behind-the-scene moments that happen when a family like ours get together for a special event :) Sharing with you the wedding of a simple and practical bride whose love story came as a surprise to us but probably one of the best events in our family for 2011 :)


And now… meet the FAMILY

Pat, my younger sister and her super lawyer husband. From zero boyfriend to a married lady and now an expecting mother :)

El Kapitan himself who managed to keep himself sober, at least until he finished his speech. See those two bottles at the background, yeah, all his. It was a mixed feeling of anxiety and joy I guess, to see her baby girl get married, that is why he needed some reinforcement :)

Ok ok, not to make my dad look like he didn’t have a great time that day, after memorizing his speech for a week or two, he was able to deliver it with much enthusiasm. He let me read that same speech a week before and predicted that this will bring the house down because of the witty “punchlines” . The crowd loved his speech. Gave him a hi-five before going back to his seat, Good job Pa!

Ahh the ever supportive Mom, this look is a mix between she thinks my Dad is funny and getting ready to get the mic if my Dad starts saying something absurd. But she is indeed the pillar of our home and the most favorite person in the family :)

The eldest. And probably the luckiest among all the siblings. Lucky in the sense that she wins raffles a ridiculous number of times. As far as I can remember, the last time I won a raffle was in grade 3 where I was able to get a toothbrush. But she is indeed blessed in a way for having a great husband and a kid. And a great example of challenging the norms. Almost zero corporate affiliation, but has managed to make her dreams come true. She’s a great sister :)

The youngest and probably the happiest, as you can see. Still a kid at heart, but ┬áit’s a heart that loves his family :)

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  1. alain roman
    Posted January 17, 2012 at 5:19 pm | #

    madam, i really love working with you. walang ka proble problema. and most of all, you know what you want. palaging ikaw ang ginagawa kong halimbawa sa mga clients ko. very practical woman.

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